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Preparing to Re-open from COVID-19

On Friday, May 15, 2020, Louisiana will begin Phase 1 of re-opening. People are thankful that the stay at home order is beginning to be lifted. How does that impact De Beau Microschool? Sadly, it doesn't. Governor Edwards referenced the White House and CDC's phased plans for re-opening the state and country. Based upon the phased plans from the White House, De Beau Microschool will be a part of the Phase 2 of re-opening Louisiana. Governor Edwards has set the tentative date to begin Phase 2 of re-opening as June 5, 2020. While we wait for June 5th, we will continue to instruct in their customized digital classrooms, and utilize Zoom and FaceTime for direct instruction in math. You can read more about that here.

The Leadership Team of De Beau Microschool is also developing a plan for re-opening. We know that we will need to have 6 feet of social distancing between students. Thankfully, that will be easy to achieve at both of our locations. In our DeQuincy location, students have individual desks or tables. Students are already 4 feet apart. We can easily add additional space between each desk or table to allow for 6-10 feet of distance between each student. In our Moss Bluff location, students sit at individual cubicles that have a partition to separate each cubicle. There is approximately 4 feet of working space for each student. In order to abide by the social distance recommendation of 6 feet, we will move students around and have an empty cubicle between the students. By doing so, students will be 6-10 feet apart.

In addition to addressing spacing, the Leadership Team is developing a detailed cleaning routine. Surfaces will be cleaned after the morning group departs and before the afternoon group arrives. Bathrooms, door knobs, and handrails will also be cleaned between groups. That cleaning will happen again after the afternoon group departs so the building will be prepared for the next day. Direct instruction on proper hand washing in conjunction with the students' health book was taught before the COVID-19 pandemic. That portion of the health book will be reviewed upon return and will be specifically taught again, and briefly reviewed daily. We are confident that we will be able to instruct our students in the classroom again, and abide by the social distancing requirements.

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