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Curriculum Vitae

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Professional ​

My name is Paige Robertson Leger.  I have been an educator for most of my life, but formally since 2009.  I filled many guest positions in Beauregard Parish.  Through the years of filling guest instructor positions and monitoring my own children's progress, I began to wonder if there was a better way to educate some children.  When offered another guest instructor position in December of 2014, I declined.

In January 2015, after many months of research and development, I founded De Beau Microschool.  De Beau Microschool is a hybrid homeschool/private school, and the first of its kind in Southwest Louisiana. Growing this program from the ground up has enhanced my problem-solving abilities and provided ample opportunities for me to lead in uncharted territory. Starting out as the founder, and lone teacher, we are now growing while maintaining the appropriate microschool student/teacher ratio.  De Beau Microschool is now a multi-site educational opportunity in Southwest Louisiana.  

Through the years of teaching at De Beau Microschool, I developed a strategy for teaching phonics to struggling readers.  After several evolutions, the strategy received copyright in 2020.  

Evaluations Completed

Praxis I

National Evaluation Series (NES) 

Elementary Education I

National Evaluation Series (NES)

Elementary Education II


Copyright Obtained



Lamar University                      


Master of Education in Digital Learning and Leading

University of Phoenix


Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

University of Phoenix


Associate of Arts in Elementary Education


Purdue University Global


Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration

The Umlaut Approach Towards Phonics Instruction



Learning American Sign Language

Completed ASL I

Pursuing ASL II



Grandin, D. T. (2021, June). Educating All Kinds Of Minds. Webinar.

Create a learning environment to accommodate those who think        differently. Distinguish between voluntary behaviors and involuntary behaviors. Identify ways of intervention for those newly diagnosed. Review methods to assist the older child and adult to form social relationships.

Irlen Syndrome Screener Certification (2021, February).
Learned to recognize and screen individuals for Irlen Syndrome.  Certification valid through February 2026.


What is De Beau Microschool

DeQuincy Rotary Club

December 8, 2021

Irlen Syndrome Explained

DeRidder Lions Club

April 28, 2021



Leger to be guest speaker at Rotary Club Wednesday, Dec. 8. (2021, December 1). The DeQuincy News, p. 1.

Leger, P. R. (2021, May 19). Irlen Syndrome explained to DeRidder Lions Club. The DeQuincy News, p. 2.

De Beau Microschool, LLC


Founder and Director of Academics

  • Manage: Two locations and staff

  • Oversee: Academic progress of all students

  • Created: Asynchronous online education prior to Covid-19 shut down

  • Promoted: Students continued learning through pandemic and progressed to the next grade level

  • Teach: Kindergarten to Sixth Grade

  • Facilitate: Seventh to Twelfth Grade

  • Employ: Eight teachers or teacher aides

Diane's Piano Studio

​2016 - 2019; 2021 

Teacher to Beginner Piano Students

  • Taught: Beginning piano students

  • Collected: Tuition and deposited funds

  • Recorded: Student progress

  • Assigned: Practice materials for the week

DeQuincy United Methodist Church


Choir Director

  • Selected: Music weekly to align with sermon

  • Directed: Music portion of the service each week

  • Designed and Executed: Special programs throughout the year

Beauregard Parish School Board

​2009 - 2014

Guest Instructor: Long-term Substitute

  • South Beauregard Upper Elementary, Longville, La

    • Long Term Substitute Fourth Grade Math Teacher

    • Covered: Maternity leave

    • Taught: Over 100 students, including inclusion students

    • Administered: Individual standardized test

  • South Beauregard Elementary, Longville, La

    • Long Term Substitute Resource/Special Education Teacher​

    • ​Covered: Medical leave​

    • Taught: Small groups

    • Taught: First grade through Fifth grade

  • South Beauregard Elementary, Longville, La

    • Long Term Substitute Vocal Music Teacher​

    • Covered: Medical leave

    • Taught: Over 700 students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade

    • Created and Executed: Grandparent's Day Program and Veteran's Day Program




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